In a certain moment in our life, we all come to think that the best way to reside comfortable and pleasant would be to have our own home. For making this decision, we must understand clearly where the resources can come from. So much for the buy of the house, as for the expenses simply by taxes.

Generally there! It is when we apply various family finance rules. They may be decisive… they affect the future well-being. One of the most essential questions is; If it gets to what we have saved or even is it necessary to make a mortgage loan? It is far from enough! It is now or in no way, and for this we must get at least part of a mortgage.

This choice often leads to tightening our own belts a little. But we can say that the effort is good, since they pay off later.


Tax costs when buying housing

In all the negotiations that there is buy / sale of housing and it is done with a mortgage loan, the next additional expenses must be sustained:


Appraisal of the house

It is carried out with a real estate appraiser (or expert), which determines the industrial value of the property giving a good impartial technical opinion, considering the physical characteristics, make use of, and a market analysis that will demonstrates the factors founded according to the area and place.


Study of game titles and preparation of mins

The study is performed by the external lawyer designated by the bank that costs a fee to advertise the favorable nature of the real estate, and determine whether or not it really is accepted as a guarantee. When admissible, a transfer moment is made to be sent to the particular notary. To carry out this process, you’ll want the following documents: Promise associated with sale, certificate of custom and freedom of the property or home and copy of the action of tradition.


Notarial charges

These are costs established by the notary plus registry superintendence. These are investments that are canceled at the notary at the time of signing the action and must be assumed simply by both the buyer and the vendor of the property. The seller should cancel 1% of the worth established by the property.


Charitable rights

This is a departmental tax for action and the percentage is compensated by the buyer of the house.



This particular occurs when the registration is created before the office of sign up of public instruments plus must be canceled by the purchaser of the property contributing 1 ) 67% on the value of the particular sale.

They may be taxes that should not proceed unnoticed, since they affect the wallet. Although in many acts of purchasing a home with a mortgage loan, a can be made between the events to incur these costs for taxes in equivalent ways.

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